Motion Picture Set Painting Videos

April 25, 2018 · motion picture set paint

Motion Picture Set Painting Diaries series is a collection of videos I have shot over my 16-year career as a Motion Picture Set Painter (IATSE Local 729) here in Hollywood Ca. on various sets I have worked on. It is my goal to help shed light on a little known part of movie production that is the job of the Scenic Artist or Motion Picture Set painter. The set painters job is to assist in the role of telling the story visually along with set dressers prop makers and lighting department the Motion Picture Set painters role is to provide an “environment for the actors to do their job.. From fake spaceships built of wood to look like metal to long fake brick tunnels ancient dilapidated buildings marble, Wood grain, cements… we recreate any surface imaginable at the direction of the Production Designer and Art Director. With this page I hope to share this fascinating creative trade within the Motion Picture Industry.

Motion Picture set Painting diaries #7

In this episode we take a space with white walls and turn it into a grungy down an dirty room that will be used as a interrogation room for a suspect thats caught for a yet to be named Television show.

Motion Picture Set paint Diaries #6

A little sneak peak into what an average day at work is like for me as a Motion Picture Set Painter

In this short timelapse you see a team of us busting ass to get a courtroom set done for the TV show "Doubt"

Motion Picture Set painting Diaries #5

Set Painters & Prop Makers build and paint a set at CBS Radfords Studio In Los Angeles California for a Showtime TV presentationHollywood, Film making, Art department, Construction, Prop Makers,Scenic Artists, Set Painters IATSE I.A.T.S.E

Motion Picture Set painting Diaries #4

Set Painters & Prop Makers creating the Hospital hallways for Showtime presentation Masters Of Sex.

Motion Picture Set Painters Diaries #2

A time lapse video of the painting of a plane crash for television show “Body Of Proof” We started at 6 am in a canyon in Simi Valley ca. they brought an old fuselage of an airplane we primed over the old paint job painted on new colors and graphics for a plane crash scene.